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Contract sewing fees

All the packages offered by SewLink are to be general outlines of what a manufacturer's project may need. Because each manufacturer comes to us with unique circumstances, each of the packages must be flexible to accommodate. Below is a general fee schedule of all the services we offer. A manufacturer may require more or less depending on their project needs. It is up to the discretion of SewLink to determine the project need for the manufacturer. While we will perform certain services against our own advice, it does require detailed documentation as to the reason, and a signed disclaimer releasing SewLink from any liability direct or implied.


Product Design and Development-------------$60.00/hour

Pattern Work-------------------------------------$45.00/hour

Design Time--------------------------------------$45.00/hour

Fabric Sourcing----------------------------------$45.00/hour


Sample Sewing----------------------------------$45.00/hr


Production---------------------------------------piece rate as figured in pre-production

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